AIR Services
  • Providing representation, inspection and management services to foreign airlines flying to Turkey in charter or tariff;
  • Arranging landing permits with a very quick timing;
  • Taking the slots in the applicable airports in accordance with the client request; reporting the modifications to relevant authorities when required with the submission of all necessary papers and in compliance with local procedure via our Slot follow-up system 24/7;
  • Providing over flight permits from Turkish Civil Aviation authorities within the shortest time possible;
  • Providing Handling, Fueling (Jet A1 & AVGAS) and Catering services in all Turkish airports with the best possible prices;
  • Providing representation services of the client foreign airlines to the local passengers and authorities and protecting the clients' rights;
  • Providing check-in services and collecting excess baggage fees from passengers;
  • Providing a Flight Watch System based on 24/7 working conditions for client airline’s flights from departures to arrivals and returns;
  • Providing check-in and supervising services in all airports;
  • Providing flight planning services, weather forecast and necessary meteorological maps, dispatching services when required;
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